հյուրընկալություն. This streaming archive is dedicated to collecting a family album of Armenian Joy.

Often the Armenian people are portrayed as survivors in sorrowing ways. This album shows the brighter parts of who we are. We are not only resilient. We’re a benevolent folk, who know how to enjoy life.

The Armenian Joy family album is composed of images submitted from personal albums from Armenians from around the world. The digital forms of the project - website and instagram - are woven with images of historical figures of Armenian descent found online and courtesy of Armenian Women Artists Archive.

Joy is an act of resistance. This work aims to unite the diaspora as one family, to inspire connection and serve as an act of resistance to the ongoing genocide and erasure of our ancestral lands and history.

How can I support this project?

Share the project with your loved ones. Follow us on Instagram.

To contribute images, please

upload here.

What happens with my submitted images?

All submitted files are printed on photo paper and arranged into an archival photo album. The digital files are published online; to the website and Instagram.

A seed from the Armenian Creatives garden. An ongoing collaborative project between Anahit Pogosian and Cassandra Tavukciyan.